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See the gospel of grace flow through the story of Daniel ‑ and into your life today ‑ through this unique and eye-opening resource from Dr. Bryan Chapell.

Find encouragement from Daniel's story in the midst of our own broken world.
Learn how grace leads to godliness
Be reminded of how God is working out His redemptive plan in your daily life and in the future!

Be encouraged to trust the One who holds all of history and eternity in His hands ‑ the One who is behind every prophetic event unfolding today!

Includes 12 messages:

  • Standing Your Ground (Daniel 1)
  • When the Bottom Falls Out (Daniel 2)
  • But If Not... (Daniel 3)
  • Faith of a Lamb (Daniel 4)
  • Warning Love (Daniel 5)
  • Life After Lions (Daniel 6)
  • The Throne Mysteries and Victories (Daniel 7)
  • A Real Goat Curse (Daniel 8)
  • It's Not All About Me(Daniel 9)
  • The Gospel Touch (Daniel 10)
  • Footsteps in the Future (Daniel 11)
  • Not the End (Daniel 12)

The Gospel According to Daniel 9-CD Series