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When life is challenging, we could all use a little more joy. But, joy often seems so difficult to apprehend. In this complete collection of Dr. Chapell's messages on the book of Philippians, you'll learn how to raise your gaze above your circumstances and focus on Christ to experience greater joy.

Includes 11 messages:

  • Complete Joy
  • Abounding Joy
  • Unstoppable Joy
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • Signs of Joy
  • Humble Joy
  • Sacrifice of Joy
  • Receive with Joy
  • Surpassing Joy
  • Eyes of Joy
  • What's Going on Here?
  • Anticipating Joy
  • Reconciling Joy
  • Near Joy
  • Pure Joy
  • Contented Joy
  • Generous Joy

Joy in the Morning (Philippians) 11-CD Series